What are VOCs?ekology-300x269

Volatile Organic Compounds are evaporated into the Environment as a Gas Form from certain Solids or Liquids. VOCs originate from two different sources. Anthropogenic VOC Emisions originate from man-made products and Biogenic VOC Emisions are naturally occurring. The EPA considers that Anthropogenic VOC Emisions produce about 10% of the total VOC Emisions compared to that of Biogenic Emisions. New EPA and Virginia OTC Regulations have reduced the allowable amount of Anthropogenic VOC’s manufactured in Paints.

The benefits of Low to 0 VOCs

  • Recuded toxins benefit eveyone inluding those with alergies and chemical sencitivities.
  • Reduces landfill, ground water and ozone depleteing contaminats.
  • Low voc products perform well in terms of coverage, scrubability and hideability(covering flaws on previous coats).
  • Easy cleanup with soap and water.
  • Low oder during aplication, no oder once cured, no off gassing and painted areas can be ocupied sooner with no oder complaints.